Brownsville Country Club looking for financial aid

Apr 21, 2017 0 182

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.—The Brownsville Country Club needs help. Mayor Bill Rawls said Tuesday that Country Club members have asked city and county governments to chip-in some cash for its golf course operations. Rawls made comments about the Club’s ...Read More >>

County settles improper arrest claim

Apr 21, 2017 0 172

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.—A woman who was apparently incorrectly arrested and jailed has won a $6,500 settlement from county government. County commissioners approved the payment to Sonya G. Thorpe. The case dates back to 2011. An arrest warrant was ...Read More >>

Bluegrass Jamboree comes to Delta Heritage Center

Apr 19, 2017 0 76

BROWNSVILLE TN (April 17, 2017): (News Release) Bluegrass music takes center stage during the first Hatchie Bottom Bluegrass Jamboree Saturday, May 13, at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville, Tenn. The free event will features ...Read More >>

Russell stepping down—schools need new superintendent

Apr 17, 2017 0 215

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.—Haywood County Superintendent of schools Teresa Russell has resigned. The career Haywood County educator rose from kindergarten teacher to the top manager of the county’s public school system. She’s worked for Haywood County for 23 years. ...Read More >>

Man arrested on drug charges

Apr 13, 2017 0 159

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.—Early Thursday morning Brownsville police arrested a man on multiple drug and weapons charges. About 3:30 am officers stopped a car near the railroad on South Washington Avenue after noticing the driver was speeding. The police ...Read More >>

Historic zone change squeaked by first test

Apr 13, 2017 0 75

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.—Historic zoning rules could be expanded in Brownsville if the measure passes a second reading and public hearing. The city board was split this week on the proposal to add a small area along North Mclemore ...Read More >>

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